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OTBx App - How To Use Video
https://youtu.be/CBX-EU__Jmc more
What is The OTBx App?
The OTBx App is a mobile application that offers a more convenient way to work w... more
What devices is The OTBx App compatible with?
Compatible with both iOS and Android devices. more
Benefits of using the OTBx Air App
Overall, The Portal is designed to make your experience as a user as convenient ... more
How do I download The OTBx App?
Simply visit your favorite app store (such as the Apple App Store or Google Play... more
Can I place orders and schedule appointments through The OTBx App?
Yes, you can place orders and reschedule appointments through The OTBx App. The ... more
Do I need an OTBx Air account to use The OTBx App?
Yes, you'll need to have an existing OTBx Air account to use the app. If you don... more
Can I download media files directly to my phone through The OTBx App?
Yes, The OTBx App allows you to download photos and videos directly to your came... more
Is The OTBx App secure?
Yes, we take the security of your data seriously. The app uses industry-standard... more
What if I have trouble using The OTBx App or need technical assistance?
If you have any questions or issues with the app, please don't hesitate to conta... more
Is The OTBx App free to download?
Yes, The OTBx App is free to download from your favorite app store. more