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What areas do you service?
All of them! Contact the support team today to learn more about our areas of cov... more
My images are too large for MLS!
Please visit the site media tab and select “download the photos now on the downl... more
What happens if I need my video edited?
We offer one complimentary edit to your video. Please email your adjustment requ... more
How are slideshows and HD videos different?
A slide show is created with still photographs edited in sequence and set to mus... more
Do you Have a Square Footage Limit?
Yes. Our package pricing is based on properties up to 3000 sq ft (including the ... more
What is the turnaround time?
What Are OTBx Air's Turnaround Timelines? For all our services, the turnaround ... more
Can I receive my content the same day or faster than the usual timelines?
We do offer rush services at a premium rate of $100 per service. Turnaround tim... more
Can I have my feature sheets printed myself?
Absolutely! When you are in your Portal, go to your print materials and there wi... more
Can I add a Custom Domain?
Yes! You can purchase a custom domain (hosted for one year) for $35+tax. If you... more
Can I be in my video?
Yes! We provide mic’d services. Please advise us in advance of this request. Ou... more
How many video/slideshow revisions are included in my service?
Only one video or slideshow revision is included in the initial package pricing.... more
Is it possible to change the photos in my slideshow?
Yes! We would consider this the use of the one revision included with the servic... more
Can I choose the music for my slideshow or video?
Yes, however, we must be mindful of copyright laws. We can apply a song if you h... more
How accurate are the floor plans?
The floor plans and measurements provided are approximate and may not be 100% ac... more
Do floor plans come in metric or imperial?
The floor plans are delivered in imperial measurements, but we can provide metri... more
How long is my Matterport/iGuide space hosted for?
Matterport spaces are hosted for 90 days and automatically expire. Matterport h... more
Why would I receive branded, unbranded, and embed Matterport links?
The branded link is to share with your clients and potential buyers. The unbran... more
Can we edit my Matterport/iGuide tour?
Unfortunately not. We can only hide scan points. We strongly recommend removing ... more
What is required for virtual staging?
We will deliver your photos within 24 hours after the time of the shoot. For vir... more
Is stock footage available?
We do store stock footage of cities and of condo amenities. Please let us know w... more